Relocation Concierge


Give Your Executive a Gift of Our Exquisite Signature Relocation Service

Businesses not only compete for customers, but they also compete to find and retain the best talent. Any business that wants to thrive, much less survive, in the corporate market must retain the best people. Having the best benefits package often determines whether quality people will consider a career at your company, how long they stay, or whether they leave for a better benefit package. Quality executive-level talent is especially difficult to locate. Attracting and maintaining these key players is vital to your company success.

As a woman owned small business owner, I understand the struggle between providing excellent employee benefits and maintaining a healthy bottom line. Here is a simple but attractive benefit to add to your companies benefits package: you may retain me as a Relocation Consultant and as your personal concierge to your business.

Furthermore, my Relocation Concierge Services increase productivity and your bottom line. These services ensure key personnel will spend less time away from the office than they would otherwise. Here are some examples of our service

Would you be interested in our signature concierge service for 3, 6, or 9 months to get you settled in your new home? 

  • Moving Assistance
  • Utilities & Appliance Setup
  • Mail Address Changes
  • Moving Truck Quotes
  • Area Detailing
  • Custom Giftbaskets
  • Housewarming Party Planning
  • Pickup & Drop off Cleaning
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Drop off Packages
  • Lawn Care Services

Will you be needing our signature relocation services while you’re at work?

Moving assistance: Many working professionals do not have time to seek out quotes from moving and vehicle transport companies, much less be available for appointments at all hours. Upon request, I will contact pre-selected firms for quotes, verify references, cross-check with the Better Business Bureau, and present my findings to you at your convenience.

Furniture and Service Providers: Delivery and service providers are notoriously unreliable. Many working professionals cannot spare the time to wait for delivery of new furniture or remain at home for a service provider to install and/or repair appliances. At your request, I will coordinate with delivery and service providers. If further requested, I will wait in your place and will monitor your service providers.

School Information: It can be very time-consuming and frustrating to gather information about schools, tax rates, public services, crime data, utilities, etc. My clients usually ask me to seek out this information. And I would love to offer information on local malls, grocery shopping information, spas, restaurant , local football teams for the kids and concerts.

I understand as a major corporation you need your most valuable asset there at all times, So if you would like for us to take control of all of your relocation issues

Please submit request here to contact EvpConcierge Relocation Assistant.



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