Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not a celebrity or multi-millionaire why do I need a Personal Assistant? 1. We all have responsibilities. Life doesn’t only happen for the celebrities and multi-millionaires. Surely, you reach points during your day when you would much rather be doing something you enjoy instead of going to the grocery store or picking up the dry cleaning. You are worth it too! Treat yourself. You deserve the same luxuries the wealthy and elite have as well.

2. How many hours do I have to purchase? I just need a few things done. A: You can purchase blocks of time in 2 hour, 4 hour (half day) and 8 hour (full day) blocks with a minimum of 2 hour block. Visit the PRICING page for further details on costs and to make your deposit online.

3. What if I want to do a Wardrobe Consultation and have errands done? A: The beauty of my service is that all the services can be done in your purchased service block. EVP charges on time used, not on tasks completed. Feel free to take advantage of all services available during the purchased block of time.

4. Do I have to provide transportation? A: Each block time includes 20 miles of mileage for your service. Once the mileage is exceeded, there is a .53 per mile surcharge.

5. Do I have to be with the Personal Assistant while they are completing my tasks? A: No, as long as clear direction is given there is no need to accompany the PA if you don’t care to.

6. What if all my tasks are completed and I have time to spare during my block of time? A: You will still be required to pay on the contracted time slot. However, if there are additional tasks that you would like to add to your agenda, you are as welcome to as long as they do not exceed your allotted time.

7. What if I need only an extra 15 or 30 minutes? Do I have to purchase a full hour? A: Yes, extra time is only available by the hour, any time overlapped more than 5 minutes will result in an additional hour charge.EVPConcierge Lifestyle Boutique

8. If my friend or someone else would like to use the rest of my unused time, can they? A: No the PA is only obligated to work with/for the person that has signed the contract and agreed to the terms and conditions.

9. Do I have to tip my personal assistant?

A: Personal assistance is an interactive service that is provided directly to you, synonymous with taxi cab drivers or waiters, this personal service would customarily be appreciated with a monetary gratuity. Gratuity would be highly appreciated, however your business is greatly appreciated and your quality of service would not be based upon expectation of gratuity.

10. What are the hours of operation in which I can use these services?

A: EVP is 6am-6pm service. If your event is after that then arrangements have been made to accommodate your services. Blocks of time can be used at any point during the service day. It’s highly recommended that you book your appointment in as far as advance as possible in order to ensure availability of your desired time.



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