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Can your Benefits Package make Dinner Reservations?

Businesses not only compete for customers, but they also compete to find and retain the best talent. Any business that wants to thrive, much less survive, must retain the best people, Forbes does a yearly poll of the best companies to work for and wouldn’t it be great to see your company on that list. Having the best benefits package often determines whether quality people will consider a career at your firm, how long they stay, or whether they leave for the competition. Quality employees and executive-level talent is especially difficult to locate. By implementing the Work/Life Program you can attract and maintain these key players that’s vital to your company’s survival.

What is Work/Life Program? 

Work/Life Program is a program that helps attract workers and cultivate loyalty in an economy where good employees are hard to find. The best and brightest employees are going to be attracted to employers that show a strong and distinctive commitment to work/life issues. Also a less stressed worker is a better worker. Providing time-saving services to employees is essential to helping them leverage their time in the office more efficiently and effectively.

Some Benefits of Work/Life Program:

  • Imagine coming to work, and in putting your personal to-do list on a website, and having someone else take care of everything for you.
  • Business expenses can be reduced by 50%, since you only pay for the amount of work that needs to get done. It eliminates the costs of training employees and reduces administrative costs associated with hiring staff.
  • Provide specific needs every business person has specific needs from personal shopping, providing office solutions, scheduling appointment, travel arrangements, running errands to property management. Instead of doing all these tasks yourself outsource them to your personal assistant to save time, money and enable you to focus on your business. You will also be saving gas & up to 150,000 miles of fumes in the environment.
  • Affordable prices instead of every year giving your employees a party, incorporate this in their benefits package.
  • There are only so many activities you and your employees can accomplish by yourself without feeling overburdened, stressed and straining your business and/or family life.

We would like to set an appointment to offer a free, no-obligation consultation of how offering our concierge services as a benefit can make a tangible difference in your bottom line as well as benefit your employees. Please take a moment right now and  email us, We look forward to hearing from you.



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