24-carat Gold Tattoos sell for $120 each

Dior 24-carat Gold Tattoos sell for $120 each

Nandini Maheshwari / 22 hrs ago

Celebrities love tattoos and so does most of us. And for those who don’t sport one for the fear of getting one inked, temporary tattoos never looked as glamorous as the Dior’s temporary 24K gold tattoos. Though we have earlier told you about the world’s most expensive tattoo made by encrusting 612 Shimansky Ideal Cut .5 carat diamonds and costs $924,000 besides the temporary 24-carat-gold tattoos from Precious Skin, whose most expensive tattoo can cost up to $5,500, you won’t settle for one unless you are someone like David and Victoria Beckham who share a love for tattoos and even flew their favorite tattoo artist, Louis Molloy, in from Manchester, England once for some inking, as they moved around the state. Dior’s limited edition collection of precious golden temporary tattoos are made using 24-carat gold leafing by jewelry designer, Camille Miceli.


Dior Golden Tattoos

Dior Golden Tattoos


Dior tattoo

Dior tattoo





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