Need To Get Up In The Morning, Get Renew

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Become a Morning Person with The Renew SleepClock

Posted: Oct. 3rd, 2012 |


Photo Courtesy of Renew SleepClock
You know the person who is chipper even at seven in the morning? Well of course you want to punch that person in the throat, and why wouldn’t you? Who do they think they are, running around like a ray of sunshine at this hour? It’s too early for that. Or is it? Could you become one of those people? Renew SleepClock by Gear4 claims they can cure you of your daily hatred for the land of the living. Apparently your problem isn’t that you want to stay sleeping all the time, it’s just that you’ve set yourself up to be violently alarmed out of deep sleep every morning. It is no wonder that you want to punt a puppy or trip an old woman, when you’re going through that trauma with every sunrise.
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The SleepClock works with your smart phone to monitor your breathing and movement, so that it knows exactly when you are asleep and what part of your sleep cycle you are in, working to wake you at the optimal time so that it feels as if you awoke with no alarm at all. What makes this different from the $.99 Sleep Cycle alarm clock app that promises the same service? Well, the SleepClock is a lot more expensive, starting at $129.95. This gadget not only senses motion, as the app does, but has the added accuracy of a breathing monitor. Also the company provides the corresponding SleepClock app for free.


Another special feature of the SleepClock is that it records your sleep pattern and makes it easy to share on your favorite social networking site, because that is exactly what all of your Facebook acquaintances want showing up on their news-feeds. Probably a bit more useful than that however, the SleepClock also includes a sleep soundtrack which fades gently out as you begin to slumber.

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