Getting To Know A Little More About Ted Turner The Mogul

Flying D Ranch

owned by


 Ted Turner is the second largest individual landholder in North America. The Flying D Ranch is amid Spanish Peaks Mountains and Lee Metcalf Wilderness and The Gallatin and Madison rivers run through it. Flying D Ranch is a beautiful and scenic property that is also a vital natural conservation site for many species.

Location: Flying D Ranch is located in southwest Montana just north of Yellowstone National Park.

Ranch highlight: The Ranch is spread in the area of 113,613-acre and looks after the in-stream flow water resource management, promoting habitat for abundant fish populations.. The Flying D makes money by charging about 30 hunters each year about $12,000 each to spend a week on the property

Ted’s property

Vast and elegant property of Ted Turner in New Mexico

Vermejo Park Ranch

owned by

Ted Turner

Vermejo Park Ranch is owned by Ted Turner and is said to be the largest privately owned, ranch in northern New Mexico ,United States.

Location: the Ranch is located in northeastern New Mexico and southern Colorado.

Accommodation: The ranch’s most visible component is its guest ranch and hunting. The ranch is rented at standard guest package of $550 per day, which includes world-class lodging, meals, fishing, and additional amenities. The Ranch provides luxurios accommodation of all sorts of gatherings and the lodges are built of wood to keep the ranch-inspired charm intact.

Ranch Highlights: The ranch is famous for hunting of elk, mule deer, pronghorn, bison, black bear, mountain lions, Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep and Merriam’s Turkey. Ranch also provides facility for fishing and organizes a tour covering the entire Ranch along with a guide. The lodge’s picturesque veranda offers guests the perfect spot to sit and relax.

Vermejo Park Ranch

Ted Turner’s grand and gorgeous property

Armendaris Ranch

owned by

Ted Turner

Armendaris Ranch in New Mexico is one of the many Ranches that Ted owns as he is the largest individual landholder in the United States. The area has reintroduced population of desert bighorn sheep the Bolson’s tortoise.

Location: Armendaris Ranch is located in south central New Mexico.

Accommodation: The property is spread around 350,000 acres. In 2006 Ted decided to build a simple mansion on this property that can be a guest house for his friends who visit this Ranch often. The house has four bedrooms and a simple living room. The ranch contains some very rare Chihuahuan desert grassland in the Southwest. Large mammals on the ranch are bison, pronghorn, desert mule deer, cougar and oryx

Kitchen view

Ted Turner inspiring designer kitchen

Armendaris Ranch

Ted Turner’s 358,643-acre ranch in New Mexico

Ladder Ranch

owned by

Ted Turner

With approximately two million acres of personal and ranch land, he maintains many progressive ecological projects together with water resource management, reforestation and the reintroduction of native species to the land. Ladder Ranch is in south central New Mexico and has some of the greatest wildlife diversity.

Location: The Ladder Ranch is located in south central New Mexico, U.S

Rach Highlight: The Ladder Ranch is spread in the area of 156,439-acres and has a spectacular view of pine forests in the foothills of the Black Range (Gila Mountains). The ranch has many amphibians, fish and wildlife. The Ladder is home to bison that symbolize a exclusive historic gene pool. The ranch also has archaeological implication, with numerous remnants of the Mimbres culture.

Ted Turner Hobbies (1)


owned by

Ted Turner

Sailing is one of the most favoite hobby that Ted persisits. Sailing is ore like a stress buster for Turner and he oftenly takes out time for this.

Ted Turner Islands (1)

St. Phillips Island

owned by

Ted Turner

American media mogul Ted Turner bought a private island long back in 1979. However, what he didn’t knew while spending huge amounts of money buying St. Phillips Island is the controversy he was going to face. A boundary dispute arose owing to some tribe named The Gullah, descendants of 47 black slaves who had bought a plantation on neighboring St. Helena Island in 1920.  The space functioned as a communal refuge for the group, where members could hunt, fish or gather without restrictions. Turner had to settle with the group by donating the disputed 68-acres to the Gullah.

Ted Turner Private jets (2)

Citiation III

owned by

Ted Turner

Citation III was the first of the Model 650 series of Citation jets, which are mid-sized, high-performance business jets.

VIP cabin

VIP hall inside Citiation III

Beech – 65-A90-1

owned by

Ted Turner

Ted owns this Beech – 65-A90-1 which is a part of a line of twin-turboprop aircraft produced by the Beech Aircraft Corporation. The King Air was the first aircraft in its class and has been in continuous production since 1964.

Monitoring room

Monitoring room of Ted Turner’s Beech – 65-A90-1
Ted Turner Wedding (3)

Jane Shirley Smith

Ted Turner

After getting divoreced form Julia ,Ted got married in 1965 and was with her for a long 23 years. the couple had three children but  in 1988 they both got divorced.

Julia Gale Nye

Ted Turner

Ted got married to Julia Gale on 23 June 1960 and had two chrildren form her. the couple got divorced in just four years of marriage.
Ted Turner

One of the 100 Sexiest Stars (#21) in film history by Empire magazine (1995) Lady Jayne Seymour Fonda got married to Ted on 21 December 1991.



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