Giving Nurseries The Makeover They Deserve


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Class Up Your Nursery With Restoration Hardware

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Baby and Child

Photo Courtesy of Restoration Hardware
You want the best for your children and Restoration Hardware knows that. The luxury home furnishings establishment is opening a store exclusively for baby and child furniture in Santa Monica. The store front will seduce you inside, first with glimmering crystal chandeliers and then with nine foot weathered oak arches. It will probably feel a little like you are entering a forest wonderland with pretty crystal fairies to guide you into the center where the California sun pours in through a 17-foot skylight.
 Restoration Hardware Baby and Child

But wake up; you’re here to buy your kid’s furniture, not fawn over the magical atmosphere. Focus. And what better place to shop for your tiny terror’s room set than a place full of antiques, handcrafted rugs, and expensive light fixtures? To navigate this wonderland of luxury nursery fixtures, you are offered design libraries in binders and access to “expert design services.”

  Restoration Hardware Baby and Child

When searching for the perfect addition to your child’s room, it is best to consider your individual needs. For instance, if you have a little girl who considers herself a princess, you may want to check out pieces from their sophisticated and delicate Ophelia Alcove Bedroom set. The bed is inspired by the 19th-century, with a rolled headboard/footboard and a six-sided corona canopy. If you have a little explorer instead, try out something from the Vintage Officer’s Bedroom collection. Between the Vintage Field Desk and the Steamer Dresser, your kid can get ready to discover new wonders in your flowerbed with the knowledge that he (or she) has a great place for further analysis.

  Restoration Hardware Baby and Child

The “nostalgic iron beds” also seem like a great choice. After all, kids can be messy and iron can withstand even the most determined little destroyer of worlds. The “authentic, hand-applied finishes” on Restoration Hardware’s furniture will probably receive some even more authentic hand-applied finishes from your kids, but considering the already weathered appearance, that may be well camouflaged.

  Restoration Hardware Baby and Child
  Restoration Hardware Baby and Child



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