Baby Boomers Taking Travel to New Heights


Baby Boomers Taking Travel to New Heights

POSTED: MAY. 31ST, 2011  |  BY JustLuxe Team

The oldest of the “baby boomers” are turning 65 in 2011, and they are turning to their travel bucket lists. According to a new study through George Washington University School of Business and the Adventure Travel Trade Association, the post WWII generation, born between 1946 and 1964, have deep pockets and crave culturally heady travel. According to the study, boomers are inspired by shows like “Amazing Race” and “Survivor”.

Don Mankin, an adventure travel expert and author, says “We all have those things we want to do and then of course as you get older, time is running out.” What this means for the travel industry is that they are changing the standard when it comes to vacationing, because this generation isn’t sitting on tour busses and traveling to the same old places. Most baby boomers have already seen the mainstream vacation spots and they want an open travel horizon, like visiting the quarries where Michelangelo got his marble. The new marketing campaigns will be rolling out this travel season, marking 65 as the new 45.



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