Colorful Fashion Footwear For Men


John Lobb Lucca in all colors

John Lobb and Paul Smith Team Up on Colorful Footwear

SEPTEMBER 26, 2012

 John Lobb’s classic leather shoes are getting a splash of color this fall, thanks to British fashion designer Paul Smith, who is infusing his signature lively style in a special-edition collection that is in select stores in September. The two brands collaborated on three special-edition shoes that are dyed in green, blue, purple, and gray, reminiscent of Paul Smith’s playful garments.

The Westbourne ($1,295), for instance—Lobb’s classic leather oxford shoe with a punched toe—has been dyed in layers to create gradual variations in tone; the grain was then compressed to produce a rich, glossy finish. Both the Westbourne and the Willoughby ($1,275)—a classic derby-style colorful cashmere suede—are fitted with shoe trees that have been stained and waxed to complement the leathers. The special-edition set also includes a flexible, lightweight loafer in full-grained suede called the Lucca ($685), which can be worn both indoors and outdoors. (,

—Christina Garofalo




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