Anything With The Name Bentley, Has Got To Be Gorgeous. Take A Look At This Hotel.

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Bentley Signature Suite at St. Regis New York Debuts This Month

Posted: Sep. 26th, 2012 |

Bentley Motors Signature Suite at St. Regis New York

Photo Courtesy of Bentley Motors
Bentley Motors announced that it has a signature suite at the St. Regis Hotel New Yorkeffective in September. The designing of the suite is a collaborative effort between the deluxe hotelier and the vaulted British luxury carmaker. The special accommodations on the 15th floor of the St. Regis feature an entrance foyer with one bedroom, one-and-one-half baths, large dining and living rooms, and floor-to-ceiling windows.

The Bentley Suite is the hotel’s third signature suite, joining the Dior Suite and the Tiffany Suite. Rates for the new suite start at $9,500 per night. The hotel’s 2013 Bentley Mulsanne also is available to guests of the suite within a 10-block radius of the St. Regis.

“Everybody at Bentley has been looking forward to the culmination of this collaboration with the St. Regis Hotel New York,” said Kevin Rose, member of the Bentley board and sales, marketing after-sales. We believe the two brands are perfectly matched, both bringing a clear understanding of what is important for a genuine luxury experience—attention to detail, quality, a sense of heritage balanced with contemporary style and an instinctive knowledge of what is right for our customers. The Bentley Suite at the St. Regis New York will become a benchmark for taste and quality and a destination in its own right in one of the world’s most wonderful cities.”

Overall, the suite offers approximately 1,700 square feet of living space that contains accentuations inspired from design elements incorporated in to Bentley-made automobiles. Bentley’s Senior Designer Daniele Ceccomori, in a prepared statement for the media, said, “There is a sense of layering of the materials which creates organic shapes. The suite is not just a graphical execution, it is more of a three-dimensional expression of interacting materials to give a language of its own to space and form.”

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