Who Didn’t See This Coming? Kim Kardashian

Celebrity Homes: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West moving in together?

Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West moving in together? If you believe celebrity real estategossip sources, it might not matter in this particular instance. A new celeb gossip report began surging on the net May 31st, 2012 thanks to at least one chatty Realtor who claims to be in the know but who wishes to remain anonymous. Is the rumor Kimye’s homes are on the market fact or fiction?

Wait a minute, you say. Isn’t she still married to NBA basketball player Kris Humphries? Oh, never mind. Technically speaking, Kardashian and Humphries relationship is all but over — that’s a fact. They were legally separated after a brief 72 day marriage so they are free to buy and sell homes that are owned in “severalty” without it ever affecting their business dealings with one another or the division of property with regard to their marital estate.

While the ink has not yet been signed on divorce or annulment papers, the reality television star has been dating infamous rapper Kanye West as of late. Word on the street between California Realtors is that both stars have put their celebrity homes on the market with the intention of buying a place somewhere outside of LA together.

But that part of the rumor mills’ reports might be fiction. Kim K (who drives a Bentley ultra-luxury exotic car by the way) certainly does not like living life in the slow lane. But moving in with Kanye West so fast? Even for her, the whole “moving in together” process seems a little too fast to be believed as a legitimate entertainment news story. As for the properties being available at the right price for legitimate buyers, the rumors might turn our to have some validity.

Regarding the celebrity property listing details, MTV News writes, “According to TMZ, both stars are selling their homes as “pocket listings,” meaning all parties agree the listings will remain private and won’t be advertised.” The site goes on to say, “Kardashian is reportedly asking $5 million for her Beverly Hills residence; no word on how much Yeezy wants for his house. But the couple apparently want to rent in a gated area where they can have privacy.”

The music and entertainment news source noted that an source also reported similar news about the star celebs putting their luxury homes on the market. That particular real estate industry insider claims, “Kim is selling her home privately [because] Kanye and [Kim K] are thinking about moving in together.”

There has been no confirmation about the shack-up claim however. E! News Network is denying the rumor (albeit halfheartedly) the two are selling their houses because they plan to live together. Instead, the entertainment news source shared photos of the celebrity homes and said:

Both Kim Kardashian and Kanye West happen to have quietly put their homes on the market—a coincidence that surely only serves to up their adorable quotient.

While the timing of West’s decision to list his Los Angeles bachelor pad is certainly, er, interesting, a source told E!

News that Kardashian is trading up from her place in Beverly Hills because, despite all the amenities, what she really needs is more security.

What do you think, readers? Would you want to live in a home previously owned by either one of these scandalous celebrities? Let other readers know your thoughts about buying a famous home in the comments section below.


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