Frequent Asked Questions


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1.I’m not a celebrity or multi-millionaire why do I need a Personal Assistant? We all have responsibilities. Life doesn’t only get busy for celebrities and multi-millionaires.

2. How many hours do I have to purchase? I just need a few things done. A: You can purchase blocks of time in 2 hour, 4 hour (half day) and 8 hour (full day) a minimum of 2 hour block.

3. What if I want to do a Wardrobe Consultation and have errands done? A: The beauty of our service is that all the services can be done in your purchased service block. evpconcierge charges on time used, not on tasks completed.

4. Do I have to provide transportation? A: Each block time includes 20 miles of mileage for your service. Once the mileage is exceeded, there is a .53 per mile surcharge.

5. What if all my tasks are completed and I have time to spare during my block of time? A: You will still be required to pay on the time slot. However, if there are additional tasks that you would like to add to your agenda, you are as welcome to as long as they do not exceed your allotted time.

6.What areas do you cover?  A: Right now unfortunately we only cover the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area which also includes (Woodlands, Kingwood, & Conroe)

7. What payments sources to you take ? A: All Major Credit & Debit Cards with logo, and Business Checks.


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