FrontRunners: Pagani Huayra, The Robb Report.

The Huayra is Pagani’s U.S.-street-legal follow-up to the Zonda

FrontRunners: Pagani Huayra

MAY 01, 2011

Pagani, the Modena, italy, maker of supercars in league with high-profile exotics from Bugatti, Ferrari, and Lamborghini, has finally gained access to America. The U.S.-street-legal, $1.5 million Pagani Huayra ( is the follow-up to the Zonda, which set Nürburgring circuit records and established Pagani’s reputation for stellar performance, technical virtuosity, and meticulous fit and finish, but was not built to meet this country’s emissions and safety standards. Named for the ancient Andean god of the wind, the Huayra (why-AIR-ra) is a mighty and light monocoque made from carbon titanium. It weighs less than 3,000 pounds and is powered by a 700 hp turbocharged 12-cylinder engine built by Mercedes-Benz AMG and mounted midship behind the driver for ideal weight distribution. The car’s supersonic aircraft-inspired shape features gullwing doors for eager ingress and reluctant egress.



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