I Love Nate Berkus, Tips to Tackling Your Bathroom Renovation

Tips to Tackling Your Bathroom Renovation

Learn how to tackle a bathroom upgrade with tips on choosing the right color palette, materials, faucet and more.

Learn how to tackle a bathroom upgrade with tips on choosing the right color palette, materials, faucet and more.

Renovation Inspiration Book
Before you start unscrewing faucet hardware and stripping outdated wallpaper, do some background research on bathroom design! Flip through Town & Country, Architectural Digest, and other home design magazines and tear out beautiful bathrooms that catch your eye. Search online for bathroom design ideas, or visit Moen’s inspiration gallery for helpful tips, exciting trends and bright ideas to get your bathroom renovation rolling.
Bath Design Inspiration Gallery
Share with Nate: Bathroom Renovations

Plan Your Bathroom Redo Budget
If you’re gutting your bathroom, you’ll likely need the help of a professional contractor. But if you don’t have the money for a big overhaul, there are always budget-friendly ways to freshen up your bathroom without completely restructuring the space. Consider painting the walls a neutral color, adding new colorful accents with shower curtains and rugs, hanging a mirror, and installing new hardware and lighting.

Keep It Simple: Stay Neutral
Nate’s biggest tip for bathroom redesign? Stay neutral – avoid trends! Keep permanent items such as the bath, toilet, and sink in white, and incorporate bright, bold accent colors in rugs, hand towels, art, shower curtains and other accessories. By adopting an all-white color scheme for your staple pieces, you’ll create a bathroom space that will last for years.

Stay Classy: Use Classic, Timeless Materials
Invest your money in things that never go out of style, such as white subway tile and a gray or white marble countertop.

Mirror, Mirror: Expand Your Space
In a bathroom, mirrors aren’t just for examining your hair and makeup. A well-placed mirror can visually expand and brighten your space. If you’re lucky enough to have bathroom windows, capitalize on the natural light by hanging mirrors to reflect the light. A mirror in a unique shape, or hung in a dynamic frame, can be used in place of expensive artwork.

Lighten Up: Brighten Your Bathroom
Mirrors will help reflect the natural light in the bathroom, but consider installing additional artificial light. Deemphasize unflattering overhead lighting by installing sconces beside or over your main bathroom mirror. Consider installing a dimmer for even more control over the lighting scheme.

Update and Upgrade Your Hardware
When you’re set on a sink, check out Moen’s faucet selector tool, which helps you pick the faucet style that best matches your personality! Describe your decorating style, input your price range, select the faucet finish and functionality, and Moen will narrow down the list of options based on your preferences.
Moen Faucet Selector


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